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“After years of running at least 20 miles per week, I saw Kate for work on my tight calves and hip flexors.  Kate's gift is to restore function with massage therapy. After 2 to 3 months I was able to run consistently and feel better, even with frequent business travel, meetings and desk work. Kate is truly gifted in her ability to tune in to my needs.”
  –Dave D, Watertown, MA        

“After about four sessions I felt better physically but, more importantly, I was more confident.  I didn't feel as injury prone and that led to more activity. Kate has a variety of techniques which she calls upon depending on my need.  Her curiosity and dedication to wellness have led her in many different directions which she integrates expertly. ”

  - Barret B, Cambridge, MA
"I have received massage in the past. With Kate, it was deep enough to be effective but not so painful, so that I could relax during the massage and I still felt great for days afterwards."  
  - Robert S, Sudbury, MA
"After incurring a catastrophic spinal cord injury due to an infection in my spinal canal, the doctor's prognosis was dismal. They did not expect me to walk again. From very early in my recovery, Kate was coming to the hospital and providing me with craniosacral therapy. She has continued her dedicated work coming to my home, and I have contnued to improve even 2 years later! I can now walk with a walker! My recovery has surpassed all expectations and has been referred to as nothing short of miraculous."  
  - Pat C, Natick, MA